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Testimonials from RPC law firm after 1 year of singing:


"When staging an arts event for Girlguiding South West England involving 1000 girls we were looking for someone who could give the girls some experience of choral work. From the very first contact with Eliza we were just so delighted to be working with her. Her enthusiasm for the project was infectious and the brilliant way she communicated with the girls created a fabulous atmosphere. We could not believe what she managed to achieve in such a short time and as she conducted all 1000 girls at the end of the day the response was breathtaking. I could not recommend Eliza more highly. She’s amazing." - Peter White, Girl Guiding

"I didn't know what to expect when I signed up at work to 'have a sing' one lunchtime before Christmas. 

I must admit I was dubious about the claim that a group of us could be taught to sing a couple of Christmas carols in three part harmony in one lunch time session. 'There's no way that's going to be possible' (I thought) but my doubts were removed when this girl turned up armed with nothing more than an iPhone and proceeded to teach us to sing the carols, in three part harmony, as promised. Eliza, (the girl with the iPhone full of backing tracks) is a music teacher, choir director and a member of assorted bands. Most importantly, she has bucket loads of energy and enthusiasm - and is a great teacher. We sang our carols (they sounded really good) and went away on a real high, feeling great about ourselves. If you are thinking about booking a Choirworks session, then stop thinking about it and just do it. You won't regret it." - Martin, Silverback Films, Bristol

“I come away with a real sense of achievement. I’m not the best singer in the world but that doesn’t matter. Eliza makes us all feel special and that we’re superstars. Can’t wait to sing with her again!” - Sarah, Silverback Films

“Working with Eliza at Silverback was a great experience, it was wonderful to be with colleagues singing my heart out and in a collaborative way.  Very liberating and I can’t wait for the next time…!” - Anna, Silverback Films

“I really enjoyed it as it was a fun break from work which also brought together colleagues from different departments who I would not usually interact with. The format of the choir was very friendly and relaxed and gave me some confidence with singing.” - Colleague at AMI


“It made me happy and reinvigorated, and I think the performance was a success.” - Colleague at AMI

"I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of lunchtime sessions organised by work, with the incredibly talented and motivational Eliza. I can’t sing, but after an 1 ½ with Eliza I was part of a choir, and came away from the session with a massive smile on my face that lasted the rest of the day.  Can’t wait til our next session at Christmas!!" Lisa, Silverback Films, Bristol


“The choir sessions with Eliza are always something to look forward to and the highlight of a working week! They are relaxed and fun and you come away feeling happy and buzzing with energy. What she can teach us in an hour is pretty amazing and it’s a great way to bring people at work together.” - Rebecca, Silverback Films, Bristol

"Eliza came and led a workshop for our team building session. The whole team loved it and were singing the song and buzzing for days afterwards. Everyone kept playing the recording and we even recreated the song at our Christmas party!​ Those who were unsure about singing in particular said how much they enjoyed it and what a great activity it was to do as a team". Dr Davies, GP, Bristol

"Many thanks for such a great day yesterday! When I first heard what we were going to be doing I must confess that I was dreading it. The reality was completely different! Your enthusiasm and encouragement was very infectious and all of our team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Some are even thinking of coming along on Wednesday evenings." - Paul, The Fishponds Family Practice, Bristol

"It was a great way to connect with colleagues across the business, including those I wouldn’t normally have much contact with. Great fun, I think everyone had a big smile at the end!" - Employee at PES

"I thought it was very good for the soul – even though we all thought we couldn’t sing, we gave it our best shot and loved taking part. I thought Eliza was brilliant." - Employee at PES

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